Breathing Matters LLC addresses everyone, young to old. We are busy, stressed, overcommitted
and overworked without even realizing how to reset or re-oxygenate when in this phase.
Breathing Matters LLC has developed and initiated a program for individuals to recognize how
they breathe, or may not be breathing when they are experiencing different emotions. Breathing
Matters LLC provides training by observing body patterns and providing feedback to allow
balance and flow using various reset techniques.

These techniques are available to everyone, regardless of disability, gender, or age. My clients
have improved their quality of life by learning these tools they can do anytime, anywhere. There
is no one else to rely on and no special equipment. This is a taught behavior that once learned
can only become mastered with or without the need for continual guidance.

This idea stemmed from the anger, fear, and anxiety I had developed about law enforcement,
despite my own family being in this profession. After Breathing Matters LLC provided training
for them I developed a sense of empathy for law enforcement and others in high risk and high
trauma professions. These professionals have to learn how to go from high stress to a reset
almost immediately while maintaining their cool and professionalism with a case by case
situation. They are a prime example of how students, teachers, and children can immediately reset
once given the tools Breathing Matters LLC can provide. This business has the momentum to
become a fully profitable business that includes impact model business. Being years into this
business model I have conducted trial sessions doing body and breathing work with the military,
families, teachers, parents, home-bound individuals, and children. Breathing Matters LLC offers
videos and materials including testimonials, instruction, and demonstration.

The results of those who have participated in the Breathing Matters LLC curricula have been
positive. They are able to respond differently in emotional situations and recognize when life
takes their breath. Allowing their ability to refocus, breathe, and become mindful leading to
reparation and healing. Breathing Matters LLC volunteered at schools to provide resources and
training for both teachers, administration, and students. A school environment has proved a
perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to manage emotions and breath while being anxious,
bullied, overwhelmed, depressed, or during testing. Mindful breathing makes a difference in how
children cope with different situations. Our training sessions include some aspects of Qi Gong
bringing in fun and imagination as they learn the breathing techniques and focus on their own
peace. Having a toolbox that is fully functional anytime and anywhere allows for calm, focus,
relaxation, and empowerment. Bringing acceptance to things that cannot be changed by
supporting the outcome of how they handle and respond. This is a life-altering tool especially for
those dealing with instability. Another great takeaway is when children really take hold of this
shift they take the breathing techniques to their household causing a ripple effect to all who

I have worked as a massage therapist specializing in movement patterns and positional release
for 30 years. I’ve trained in ortho-bionomy in Seattle, Santa Fe, and here in Las Cruces.
Psychotherapists, medical doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists have all referred patients to me. My curiosity about the human body and how it works has kept me
passionate for all these years and is what led me into this new business venture.